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Text by Tuija Hynynen

Portuguese podengo is the national breed of Portugal. It is an old hunting breed and it used for it even nowadays in its origin country.

There are three sizes of Portuguese podengos; big, medium and small. The coat types are wire (= rough) haired and smooth haired. So there are six varietes of podengos: big smooth haired, big wire haired, medium smooth haired, medium wire haired, small smooth haired and small wire haired.

In Finland the small smooth haired podengo is the most common (about 330 pcs). There are about 135 small wire haired podengos and 29 pcs medium wire haired ones in Finland. The other podengo breeds do not exist in Finland so far.

The first small smooth-haired podengos have been registered to Finland in 1990, small wire-haired 1991 and medium wire-haired in 1998.

Tähtitaivaan Saana, Vehkakallion Bemvindo and Marella Jarra
Speciality Show of Finland 2003, BOB-dogs,
photo: Tuija ja Petri Hynynen

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